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2023 Info:

The St. Andrews Regatta will be held on April 8, 2023.  

All boats will race at St. Andrews. This is great news as all are invited and encouraged to attend. The regatta will be held at St. Andrews Regatta Staging Area, 556 Noxontown Rd., Townsend, DE 19734. ALL BOATS participate in this regatta.

St. Andrew's is a one day event. Students travel in parent-driven carpools, arriving at 10:00am. Students will unload the trailer and rig the boats, and racing will start around 12noon. Racing will be over around 4:00pm, and the students will load the trailer. Students will then be released to travel home.

This is a great event for the whole family. Our team provides food for everyone, so come have a picnic and watch the race up close along the riverbank. Parking is available right by our team tent. So plan to attend with the whole family!

Call for V8 Trucks/SUVs!

We are looking for parents with a V8 Truck/SUV (Chevy Suburban/ Silverado/Tahoe or similar) with a 2-inch receiver or equivalent to help pull our boat trailer and food trailer.  If you drive one of these vehicles and are willing to help us out, please email our Equipment Director at peadarharmon@gmail.com.

Join us for Food & Fun!

All boats will race at St. Andrews, which is our first away Regatta.  This is great news as all are invited and encouraged to attend.  However, we have only a couple weeks to plan and organize food for our hungry athletes.


We will need all the help we can get to shop, set-up, cook and serve food. We will also need volunteers to help clean up.  Please sign up to volunteer here:



We will also need a headcount of all athletes, parents and family members attending.  Please RSVP with this Google Form:  


2021 St. Andrew's Regatta Photos - all photos linked from here with some select ones below: