Katie Jimenez

As someone who comes from a family of rowers, I have been hearing stories of rowing my entire life. So, when I was given the chance to row at TJ, I readily took it - and it has been the best decision I ever made. Rowing at TJ has given me some of my closest friends and favorite memories. From the pasta parties to the beautiful sunsets, crew brings me so much joy. When the crew season starts, I am all the happier for it. When not rowing, you will probably find me reading or coding.

Ashley Lo

I decided to join TJ crew after hearing a former captain talk about the sport. Specifically, he said, "everything you give to the sport, it gives back." Now that I have been a part of the team for three seasons, I fully agree with his statement. My favorite part of TJ crew is the amazing community within the team (spotting birds and eating pasta is also cool). Outside of crew, I enjoy baking, reading, and I love trying different snack bars.

Serena Sindhi

I became a member of TJ Crew with the hope of making some new friends and spending time outdoors. My favorite part about TJ Crew is the tight-knit community it fosters that creates lasting friendships. In addition to crew, I proudly serve as the Webmaster for TJ Orchestra and Service Chair for the Challenger Chapter NHS. In my free time, I enjoy the creative pursuits of baking and painting.

June Anderson

I was hooked on rowing after a season with my base school in 8th grade, and came to TJ looking to join the crew team. My favorite thing about rowing here at TJ is the supportive nature of our community and how much fun we have together on and off the water. I also love spending time out at the beautiful water and nature of the Occoquan -- it feels like summer camp every day. Outside of rowing I am an officer of the Spanish Honor Society and in my free time I like to cook and listen to music.

Myles Carley

As a lifelong swimmer, I never would have expected to become a rower. However, come spring of freshman year, I did just that at the suggestion of an upperclassmen. Heading into my fourth season of TJ Crew, I can attest it is the most welcoming community I have been a part of. Everything from pasta parties to practices contributes to an unparalleled camaraderie. My favorite parts of crew are the beautiful Occuquan scenery, rowing on the water, spending time with teammates, and our amazing coaches. Beyond crew, I am co-president of TJ’s Astronomy Club, co-lead of Project Caelus’s propulsion team, and a tutor at TJ’s writing center. I also give swim lessons on weekends and coach swimming during the summer.

Carter Ellis

Without rowing, I don't think I would be half the person I am today. I joined the team as a freshman, and I instantly fell in love with the sport and the amazing people that do it. While rowing is certainly fun, the best part of TJ Crew is the truly wonderful community that makes it all possible. I've never seen a more welcoming and positive group of people in my life. Outside of crew, I do a few clubs, such as Ballroom Dance and Project Caelus, but my true passion is rowing. In fact, I've spent nearly one percent of my life on the Occoquan River - a stat I plan on improving.

Zac Baker

After much convincing from my mom, I decided to join crew freshman year. Since then, TJ Crew has served as the foundation for all aspects of my academic and athletic success. TJ Crew is the only club where the upperclassmen and underclassmen are truly united. Every year I have had to say goodbye to upperclassmen friends I've made, and this year I'll be saying goodbye to the underclassmen I've met along the way. No other sport has the level of teamwork and camaraderie that crew has. Outside of crew, I am president of the senior class, a captain on our speech team, and a tutor on the weekends.