Student Captains

Our captains are responsible for leading team workouts, organizing carpools, and assisting in fundraising. Contact us at and

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Emma Cox

After reading The Boys in the Boat in 7th grade, I decided to participate in a summer Learn to Row camp – and I was immediately hooked. I was astounded by the beauty of the Occoquan and the bonds that I made with the other rowers in the camp, and I decided to row in high school. Despite my last name, I am not a coxswain, but I am bisweptual (meaning that I row all sides). Aside from Crew, I’m a captain of TJ Science Olympiad and co-founded WoFit. My favorite part about TJ Crew are the amazing friends I’ve made along the way, being outdoors in the beautiful scenery of the ‘Quan, and shenanigans at pasta parties.

Becca Jeffries

I joined TJ Crew because it seemed like a great way to work out while hanging out with friends and spending time outside, and I have loved every minute since. My favorite part about TJ Crew is the community, as everyone is super supportive and friendly. Besides crew, I am very passionate about the environment and enjoy crocheting and hiking in my free time.

Ashley Lo

I decided to join TJ crew after hearing a former captain talk about the sport. Specifically, he said, "everything you give to the sport, it gives back." Now that I have been a part of the team for two seasons, I fully agree with his statement. My favorite part of TJ crew is the amazing community within the team (spotting birds and eating pasta is also cool). Outside of crew, I enjoy baking, reading, and I love trying different snack bars.

Jonathan Buchholz

TJ Crew runs in the family. Both my mom and uncle rowed for TJ, so it's only fitting that I should carry on their legacy. Although crew looked monotonous to me at first, after just one day on the water, I was instantly hooked. There is something elegantly powerful about being in sync with seven other rowers that leads to strong friendships off the water. The Occoquan Reservoir is a national treasure and I will sincerely miss it after this season.

Myles Carley

As a lifelong swimmer, I never would have expected to become a rower. However, come spring of freshman year, I did just that at the suggestion of an upperclassmen. Heading into my third season of TJ Crew, I can attest it is the most welcoming community I have been a part of. Everything from pasta parties to practices contributes to an unparalleled camaraderie. My favorite parts of crew are the beautiful Occuquan scenery, rowing on the water, spending time with teammates, and our amazing coaches. Beyond crew, I am co-president of TJ’s Astronomy Club, co-lead of Project Caelus’s propulsion team, and a tutor at TJ’s writing center. I also give swim lessons on weekends and coach swimming during the summer.

Matthew Kim

When I was in middle school, one of my older sister’s best friends told me about her TJ crew experience and all the various stories that she had about it. Intrigued, I had searched about it more on my own and ran across the “TJ Crew: Why Is It So Popular?” video. Immediately after seeing the first clips of boats on the water, I was sold. I joined up in freshman year and have not looked back since. My favorite part of TJ crew is the camaraderie that is formed and how we motivate each other to push past our boundaries and better ourselves. Outside of crew, I am very passionate about automotive engineering, being a big fan of motorsport since a young age. In my free time, I love driving and losing myself in music.