Student Captains

Our captains are responsible for leading team workouts, organizing carpools, and assisting in fundraising. Contact us at and

Emma Cox

Emma learned about crew after reading The Boys in the Boat in 7th grade, and decided to participate in a Learn to Row summer camp. She loved the beauty of the Occoquan and the bonds that she made with the other rowers in the camp, and decided to do crew in high school. . Despite her last name, Emma Cox is not a cox, and she is bisweptual (rows all sides). Aside from crew, Emma is an officer on the school’s Science Olympiad team and has participated in wrestling, basketball, marching band, and jazz band at TJ. She also rows in the fall and did rowing camps over the summer to keep improving.

Becca Jeffries

Vivikta (Vivi) Rao

I’ve wanted to row at TJ since the 4th grade when my brother first joined the TJ Crew team as a coxswain. I used to go to all the regattas and as such, I fell in love with the sport. Through the rigorous academics at TJ, crew made me want to stay at the school. The wonderful family, the supportive atmosphere, and the ‘grindset’ are what makes TJ Crew the best (and my favorite) sport. Even after playing soccer for most of my life (ages 6-13), I decided to row at TJ, because that’s how wonderful this sport is.

Asides from crew, I am also a chief officer of Congressional debate and am nationally ranked for debate. I also competitively power-lift and am a gold-medalist for the state of Virginia.

Jonathan Buchholz

TJ Crew runs in the family Both my mom and uncle (who also captained) rowed for TJ, so it's only fitting that I should carry on their legacy. Though crew looked monotonous to me at first, after just one day on the water, I was instantly hooked on the elegance of making the next stroke better than the last. There is something powerful about being in sync with seven other rowers on the water that leads to strong friendships off the water. I love rowing so much that I quit basketball after playing my freshmen year to row all four seasons.

My proudest TJ Crew moment was seeing so many others in the TJ Crew family wear matching frog hats last season.

Onur Gunduz

I first learned of Crew at Freshman Preview Night and attended about a week and a half of winter training before deciding it wasn't for me. Come the season, I decided to give it a shot and from that point on, I was totally hooked. TJ Crew became the highlight of my day where I would form some of the closest bonds I could ever dream of making even though I was booted off the lowest boat. The following year, I came to every single winter conditioning practice except for one the day when I got a head injury and came to every winter competition. This year, I made it to the upper varsity boats before Corona shut everything down. In my free time, I enjoy competing in CTFs, competitive programming, volunteering to teach CS, and biking trails.

Blake Robinson