Racing Schedule

Our team rows at several local regattas and a couple travel regattas every year. Before race day, coaches will give rowers an arrival time based on their race time. Coxswains arrive in time for the regatta coxswain meeting.

What time will I need to get to Sandy Run - and how long will I be there?

Regatta times won’t be known until the week of the regatta. It will depend on which boat your child rows in and what time that race is; each rower will be given a specific time to arrive at the boathouse. This is generally several hours before the first race for his/her boat. Some regattas have initial heats and then a final race later in the day. Additionally, we encourage all rowers to cheer on their teammates once their races are over. 

You also need to factor in time to get to Sandy Run itself in your travel time. More information about parking and shuttles (possibly from South County High School) will be available in the spring.

For all these reasons, we recommend trying to allow for the entire day to be dedicated to the regatta.