Winter Conditioning

We don't spend Winter inactive. Each day from mid November to early February, we train after school in order to ensure success for the Spring season.

What is Winter Conditioning?

TJ Crew Winter Conditioning sessions take place at TJ each weekday after school from 4 PM to 6:15 PM. At winter conditioning, rowers will learn to use ergometers (or "erg"s) indoor rowing machines meant to simulate rowing on the water. Attending Winter Conditioning is highly recommended but not required for novice rowers, since the technique developed on the erg carries over to rowing on the water.

What forms do I need to submit?

Attending Winter Conditioning requires you to complete the following forms:

  • Visit this page to find and complete the following:
    • Online Student and Parent Concussion Training: Complete both the student and parent concussion education sessions. The online portal has a tendency to crash, and it may take multiple attempts to finish. (Advice: the form crashes less on mobile devices than computers.)
    • 1 VHSL Physical Form: This requires you to receive a physical examination from your doctor. Take this form to your doctor's office when they complete the physical. Once you've completed this form and the concussion training, bring your VHSL physical form in to Coach Laszewski, crew coach and Freshman Gym teacher.
    • 3 Emergency Care Contact Forms: Complete and turn three copies into the coaches at Winter Conditioning.
  • 1 Weight Room Use Form: Complete this form and turn it into the coaches at winter conditioning in order to authorize use of the TJ Weight Room.

What if I am playing a Winter Sport?

No problem! Anything that will get you into shape to row in the Spring is a good use of your winter--aerobic sports like track, cross country, and swimming are especially beneficial. Just make sure you attend winter training whenever you get the chance so you can learn some of the basic technique you'll need in the Spring.