Uniforms & Gear

Purchase all TJ Crew gear here, including required racing uniforms.

(Required) TJ Crew Uniforms

All TJ rowers are required to purchase a rowing uniform. Racing uniforms are necessary for all TJ Crew athletes who will be racing this year, as teams are not allowed to race unless they're wearing matching uniforms for identification.

Only the uniform (unisuit or 'uni') is mandatory, other items are optional (but make great gifts!). Shipping will be bulk shipping to a common address and orders will be distributed during practice. There are certain items that need minimum orders. If the store does not receive minimum orders that are indicated on the site for the team as a whole, that part of your order might be cancelled and refunded. Otherwise, there are no refunds.

Our online store is currently closed.

(Recommended) Duffels and Jackets

In addition to the required uniforms, many TJ Crew rowers choose to purchase TJ Crew duffel bags and jackets. Our jackets are made for everything from frigid February practices to long travel regatta bus rides, and our duffel bags are perfect for carrying gear to and from the river. Additionally, both are personalized with an embroidered name to prevent rowers from losing them.

Our online store is currently closed.

Rower's Performance Clothing

Rowers performance clothing is what rowers wear in the boat when not wearing a uni: shorts, tights, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tech shirts, splashvests, and headsweats caps. TJ Crew rowers performance clothing is made available through our online store with Boathouse or from our spirit wear clothing reps - see what's available for sale now.

Other TJ Crew Gear

Many TJ rowers also choose to purchase other TJ Crew gear, including fleeces, hats, visors, car magnets, and sweatpants, just to name a few options. These items are available from our spirit wear clothing reps - see what's available for sale now.