Worried about how your student will get to and from practice? We have options.

Winter: Commuting From TJ to Home

During Winter Conditioning, rowers will need to organize transportation to take them home from TJ at 6:15 PM. On Wednesdays, late buses are available to deliver students to local hubs; fore example, one late bus stops at Centreville HS and Chantilly HS. For transportation on other weekdays, parents can create area-based carpools so that each parent will only have to drive students once or twice a week. Parents, also consider reaching out to experienced rowers who live in your area that may be able to drive your student home.

Spring: Commuting From TJ To River

Freshman Rowers: Transportation is provided from TJ to the river each afternoon for scheduled freshman/novice practice. We contract a charter bus to bring rowers to the river. Registration for the charter bus is required of all freshmen, unless the parent notifies us at of an alternate household member (parent/sibling) driver. The bus is a safe and reliable transportation option for daily river practices. The charter bus for the 2019 season will cost $650 for one-way or round-trip travel; you can reserve a spot here. Additionally, parents of freshman/novices riding the bus must sign up here to chaperone the bus on a minimum of one practice day (any day that is convenient) during the season. Per FCPS regulations, the bus must have a parent chaperone or it cannot depart TJ.

Experienced Rowers: Experienced rowers are encouraged to purchase a bus seat for the season as space is available (here is the link again). Additionally, we offer a carpool assurance program for experienced rowers riding in Student or Parent driven carpools--if your carpool is temporarily disrupted, you can reserve a temporary bus spot at this link. Purchase your carpool assurance here for $50 (covering the entire spring season).

Spring: Commuting From River to Home

As with Winter Conditioning, rowers must arrange their own transportation home from the river during the Spring. Before the season begins, we will compile the whole team's addresses onto a Google Map template. Novice parents can use this map, showing the addresses of every returning and novice member of the team, to organize carpools.

Rowers registered for the charter bus may ride the bus from the river back to TJ if it is more convenient for a rower to be picked up from TJ. The bus will depart from the river at 7:05 pm each day. A season-long one-way seat (if your rower does not also need a ride to the river) back to TJ is priced at $150 and can be purchased here.