Thomas Jefferson Crew (TJ Crew) is not a school-sponsored program.  Instead, TJ Crew has always been supported by the incredibly loyal and generous TJ Crew community.  Over the years, that community has created a supportive, welcoming space that teaches student athletes the values of teamwork and perseverance and inspires them to acheive their best.  

TJ Crew is an extraordinary community with unmatched experiences to offer.  To keep the magic alive, we need to look after and support it.

Will you please take a minute to make a contribution today and help us continue creating a special place for all?

Donate by Check

To send us a donation by check, make the check payable to TJ Crew Boosters and mail to: 

TJ Crew Boosters


6560 Braddock Rd

Alexandria, VA 22312

Many different items to choose from for current and alumni rowers!


Submit your payment of $100 for Green Days through Zelle or Venmo to  

Raise Right

Organization code:


Fundraisng information coming soon!

Start here when you purchase from Amazon, and support TJ Crew through the Amazon Associates Program.

Corporate Sponsorships

More information coming soon!

The TJ Crew team is sponsored in part by the TJ Partnership Fund. Our thanks go out to the TJPF for all of its support!

The TJ Crew team is sponsored in part by Whole Foods Market. Our thanks go out to Whole Foods for its support!