Student Captains

Our captains are responsible for leading team workouts, organizing carpools, and assisting in fundraising. Contact us at and

Megan Li

I joined crew my freshman year without any expectations. After years of club swimming and a season with TJSD, I just wanted to try something new. My first season got me completely hooked on rowing and I've been rowing nonstop ever since. I rowed a great season with the Women's Freshman 8 my first spring and learned so much on the Varsity 8 last spring. 2019 will be my third season with TJ Crew. Outside of rowing, I usually fill my free time creating drawings or paintings of wildly unappealing subjects that I leave "up to interpretation".

Summer Keating

I joined crew in 6th grade with a club team. I enjoyed being on the water then, but I loved the sport even more when I started TJ Crew as a freshman. I began coxing on the Freshman 8 and spent the next two seasons in the Varsity 8. Throughout my time at TJ, I have learned so much from my coaches and teammates about dedication and community. The rowers and coxswains are some of my best friends. We share our passion for crew and help each other to succeed not only in our sport, but also at school and in our personal lives. Outside of crew, I enjoy reading and spending free time with my friends and family.

Odin Woitek

Ho Yeon was in my gym class Freshman year and he would not stop talking about crew, so I decided to try out Winter Training. By the end of the Spring season, I had fallen in love with both the sport and the community, and had developed a passion for self-improvement. I rowed on the Men's Fourth Varsity Eight my first two years, and the ambition I had for the sport drove me to improve so I could enjoy a great season on the Men's Varsity Eight my Junior year. Outside of crew, I like to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

Jonathan Daniel

I joined crew freshman year and have been obsessed ever since. I’ve been on the Men’s Freshman 8, the Men’s Junior 8, and the Men’s Varsity 8. All these boats have been so close and fun. I’ve made great friends on all these boats and can’t wait to make more great memories with them. 2020 will be my fourth and final season with TJ Crew. Outside of crew, you’ll see me with TJ Latin and Ballroom Dance.

Cassidy Hoeft

I first discovered rowing during a Learn to Row camp before my freshman year and was immediately hooked. I loved the team aspect of crew, which I hadn’t experienced before in other sports. I am so excited to be starting my fourth and final year here on TJ crew and to race alongside my best friends this season. During my time on TJ Crew, I’ve raced one season in the Women’s Freshman 8 and two seasons in the Women’s Varsity 8. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano and competing in Tae Kwon Do.

Ho Yeon Jeong

My first ever exposure to crew was a flyer at Freshman Preview Night I had almost refused to take. I was drawn in by how quick the sport got me fit and the competition, but I stayed for the incredibly close community I've been a part of and the close bonds I never could dream of making outside of crew. I've been on the Varsity 8 for the past two years, and I'm excited to lead this team to even more success for my last season. Besides rowing, I've spent my time volunteering as a certified stream monitor for VASWCD.