Student Captains

Our captains are responsible for leading team workouts, organizing carpools, and assisting in fundraising. Contact us at and

Julia Feldhaus

I first learned about crew from a friend who joined the year before and absolutely loved it. She told me about the incredible community and got me hooked. I started going to captain’s practices as soon as possible, worked hard throughout winter conditioning, and made it on the freshman 8 boat. The next year I was part of the First Varsity 8. Since sophomore year, I have rowed in both fall and spring seasons, working to constantly improve for myself and for my teammates. I will forever treasure my amazing memories of pasta parties, fun practices, and long days spent at regattas. Rowing has taught me how to push myself to succeed and that there is no better feeling than seeing your own hard work pay off. Last year was disappointing to everyone, but I know that the team can make it through this and come out stronger than ever.

Vihini Gunasekera

I joined crew my freshman year. I'd never done a serious sport before, so crew was definitely an adjustment, but by the end of my first season I had fallen in love with the sport. During my time at TJ Crew, I have rowed on the Women's Third Eight as well as on the Women's Second Eight, and I have learned so much about dedication and teamwork. Although our last season was cut short, I am confident that we will come back even better next year, and I can't wait to expand our community! When I'm not at the river, you can find me reading or hiking with my family.

Lauren Nathan

I first learned of Crew through my older brother, who enjoyed Crew during his time at TJ and would come home and tell me captivating stories about the river and team practices. Therefore, during my freshman year, I didn’t hesitate to attend Winter Conditioning. The strong team spirit I felt while erging alongside my teammates and the satisfying feeling of getting in an amazing workout daily made me fall even more in love with the sport, so I joined crew in my freshman year, and the rest is history. During the last two years of crew, I’ve rowed on the Freshmen 8 and Woman’s Second Eight, on which I experienced an invigorating bond of teamwork and made countless unforgettable memories- from Semifinals at Stotes to boat sleepovers with my teammates. I’m ready to make up for lost time this season, and am looking forward to rowing with the team again! Outside of Crew, I enjoy baking, programming, and rollerblading around my neighborhood.

Thomas Cuddy

My first introduction to Crew was through my sister who graduated in 2017. As a small 5th grader, I was absolutely captivated. When it came to 8th grade I was struggling deciding whether to come to TJ but then I remembered what a great community TJ Crew was and decided to give the school a shot. I literally came for the sports. When I started winter conditioning I loved the way that even on my very first day I was talking to rowers of all grades, and every single one of them was full of spirit and pride for crew. That freshman year I stroked the Freshman 8 and in the past two years I have rowed many boats from the Fourth through Second Varsity 8. It's unfortunate that our last season was cut short, but knowing this team, I know we’ll be more ready to row than ever next year and seize every opportunity the season has to offer, because that’s what makes TJ Crew special, our resilience and our spirit.

Onur Gunduz

I first learned of Crew at Freshman Preview Night and attended about a week and a half of winter training before deciding it wasn't for me. Come the season, I decided to give it a shot and from that point on, I was totally hooked. TJ Crew became the highlight of my day where I would form some of the closest bonds I could ever dream of making even though I was booted off the lowest boat. The following year, I came to every single winter conditioning practice except for one the day when I got a head injury and came to every winter competition. This year, I made it to the upper varsity boats before Corona shut everything down. In my free time, I enjoy competing in CTFs, competitive programming, volunteering to teach CS, and biking trails.

William McLaughlin

I learned about rowing in 7th grade from a friend with a brother on the crew team, and we did a learn to row camp the following summer. The sport intrigued me, so in 8th grade we rowed at my base school (Yorktown) since Arlington lets 8th graders participate in high school sports not offered in middle school. Rowing was perfect for me since I came from an athletic background mainly centered around travel soccer and basketball, but those sports started getting rough near high school. Crew provided me with a physically demanding but safe activity to push myself in. My first year on TJ Crew I was the only Freshman on Varsity, but the team quickly made me feel welcomed and practice became a time to decompress from the pressures of school. During my time on the team, I’ve raced on several boats ranging from the Men’s JV/Third Eight all the way up to the Men’s First Eight. I love the team aspect of the sport because everyone encourages each other to push their limits and every rower is important to the boat’s success. My success in the sport has further encouraged me to train hard and motivate my teammates to reach their goals as well. Outside of crew, I play Tuba in TJ’s curricular and marching bands, I volunteer to tutor kids at the nearby Elementary School, and I’m active in TJ’s Latin program. I also row in the offseason for competitive local programs such as Resilient Rowing and TBC Racing.