Volunteer Positions

TJ Crew Jobs


Each crew family is required to sign up for at least one TJ Crew job during the crew season. None of the TJ Crew Jobs require specialized training!


TJ Crew Tailgating


Imagine that instead of tailgating for a football game, you’re with other crew parents, coaches, and of course, our awesome crew teams –socializing while snacking on freshly cooked burgers, hotdogs, and chicken fajitas, snacks and homemade salads brought in by fellow crew parents! During away regattas, The TJ Crew Jobs include:

ü Shopping for food items at Costco

ü Setting up the TJ tents

ü Setting up the “buffet” tables

ü Chopping, slicing food items needed

ü Wrapping burgers/hotdogs/fajitas

ü Helping with the clean-up after the regatta is done.


VASRA/Regatta Positions

TJ Crew is not required to contribute with support staff.