Volunteer Positions

TJ Crew Jobs (For all TJ Crew Parents)


Similar to the VASRA jobs on behalf of TJ Crew (see below), the TJ Crew jobs are required of each crew family and are intended to support our crew team, coaches, and parents alike. 

Each crew family is required to sign up for at least one TJ Crew job during the crew season. None of the TJ Crew Jobs require specialized training!

For Regattas at Sandy Run

For every regatta at Sandy Run, TJ sets up a food tent at a designated spot, complete with tables of healthy snacks to keep our hungry crew team well-nourished at all times (before and after rowing)! Typical foods we ask families to bring include bagels or other healthy breads, peanut butter, milk, fruit, cold cuts to make sandwiches with, condiments, granola bars, etc. In the past, food items were assigned according to the seat number of your rower. For example, coxswains need to bring in bagels, seat #1 brings fruit, seat #2 brings a jar of peanut butter, etc. This worked well and we anticipate using the same system for the coming season. To ensure everyone gets the message, we will post the food requirements per regattaon this website. TJ Crew Jobs for these days include:

ü Setting up the tent early in the morning

ü Setting up tables, arranging food items

ü Taking two-hour shifts to “man” the food tent throughout the day

ü Helping with clean-up after the regatta is done.


Parking Support Positions

Participating schools may sometimes be asked to provide parking support. This entails directing traffic to appropriate parking areas.

Shuttle Bus Coordinator Positions

To decongest traffic going to Sandy Run on regatta days, as well as to provide both parents and rowers an option to attend the regattas without having to pay for parking ($15 per car at Sandy Run) TJ, in coordination with other area schools, hires Fairfax county school buses to serve as shuttle bus from Silverbrook Elementary School to Sandy Run,and back. The shuttle bus coordinator’s job involves simply showing up at Silverbrook Elementary School early in the morning to dispatch the bus driver prior to his/her first shuttle trip to the river. It’s one of the easiest jobs –especially is you are an early bird!


VASRA Jobs (For all TJ Crew Parents)

The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA) requires each of its member schools, TJ included, to provide volunteers to support the scholastic competitive rowing regattas on the Occoquan Reservoir at Sandy Run Regional Park. These positions span a wide range of duties from driving referee launches to working at concession stands. The TJ Crew Volunteer Coordinator is the primary person responsible for ensuring that all roles are filled.

TJ Crew participates in approximately seven VASRA-sponsored regattas per season that require parent volunteers. VASRA assigns schools volunteer positions at each regatta based on the number of students involved in the school’s crew program. TJ, one of the larger programs, generally contributes from six to ten volunteers for each regatta. TJ Crew parents are expected to volunteer for at least one position. VASRA fines member schools $50 for each volunteer position that goes unfilled.

Volunteer Signup

Volunteer signups for the 2017 season is now open.

Sign up for VASRA volunteer slots at www.signupgenius.com >>


Volunteer Positions (details about each volunteer position, safety information, and administrative details are found in the VASRA Volunteer Coordinator Handbook):