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President's Corner - February 2013

posted Feb 25, 2013, 6:31 PM by TJ Crew Webmaster

This is an exciting time of the year. We have finally started the season.  Winter training is over, the Ergathon was a success and the rowers are on the water.  The coaches are happy to finally get out in the river and see the benefits of the winter workouts. Also there is a large group of new rowers to work with and see how they will contribute to the team. We are very lucky to have a good size freshman and novice turn out which are a great indication of a bright future for TJ Crew.

I would like to welcome the parents of the new rowers, you are the bright future of TJ Crew Boosters. With many seniors graduating this year, the Boosters will be in need of new volunteers to continue to make the program successful. I encourage you to come to the board meetings (the second Wednesday of each month in room 106 at the school) to see what we do and get involved.  I have found it a rewarding experience and have made friends with many of the parents.

In about a month the race season will begin and as you may, or may not know, each crew team that participates in the regattas on the Occoquan needs to supply volunteers to help run the races. The number of volunteers required is based on the number of rowers per club. Since we are a larger club, we need to provide more volunteers. Each family must sign up for at least one (1) volunteer slot per season (if you can help out more, it would be much appreciated). To get information on specific jobs: go to the TJ Crew website ( , click on ‘Regatta Info’ then click the sub-heading, ‘Volunteers’. A link to the signup page is also there, so that you can pick your position and date to help. Please sign up in the next week so that we can make sure we have all our slots filled.

I am looking forward to another successful season and seeing all of you at the river .

Thank you in advance for your help this season.


-- Dave Nuckols
Posted February 25, 2013