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Coaches Corner - October 2012

posted Oct 13, 2012, 6:07 AM by TJ Crew Webmaster   [ updated Oct 13, 2012, 6:10 AM ]
An Olympic year is a good time to be a rowing coach. It’s great to see our sport get any news coverage at all and to know that America is cheering for our country’s rowers, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I loved watching the women’s 8 dominate the world yet again, and I hope that seeing the men’s 8 come up just short of the medals will inspire our future Olympians to work even harder for Rio.
Olympians weren’t the only athletes working hard this summer. TJ rowers and coxswains participated in summer rowing at various levels, and we had sixty-six rowers, alumni, and coaches participate in TJ Crew’s Summer Workout Challenge. Collectively, we crushed our team goal of logging over 2500 hours of work, racking up over 2900 instead. What we do in the off-season determines our speed for the future, and I am inspired by your commitment to your boats, to your teammates, and to improving yourselves. Congratulations to Stefan Young and Emily Bartlett whose hours of hard work made them the challenge leaders on their respective sides of the team.
The hard work doesn’t end here. The fall is all about building the team for the future. Not just building our speed for next spring, but building our speed for the coming years. Rowers, the athletes you recruit now determine our team’s speed for next year and the year after that. Seniors, help us find the athletes who will lead TJ crew after you are gone. Juniors and sophomores, find the athletes who are going to be pulling with you in the years ahead.
It has been great to see so many TJ rowers working hard during fall rowing, and I am excited that we have so many students interested in 8th period crew conditioning. If you have been working out, keep up the good work. If you haven’t been working out, draw inspiration from your teammates and start now. The strength of the boat is in the strength of each individual. Five weeks to winter training.
Go TJ Crew!
-- Coach Kim Ehrman
posted October 14, 2012