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Coaches Corner - February 2013

posted Feb 25, 2013, 6:30 PM by TJ Crew Webmaster

Ah, February—when we are so excited to be back on the water and no one else understands why.

I can understand why people who don’t row cannot understand why we would want to do this. On Tuesday, I mentioned to an administrator at TJ that it was the first day of practice. She said, “But you’re not on the water yet.” Yep, we are. It was 42 degrees outside at the time and raining, but I passed some rowers in the hall who were practically vibrating with excitement for the first day of practice.

I wish I had access to that during interest meetings when we are trying to convince potential recruits to give rowing a try. That there was some way to tell them this is how much you will love this sport: It will be bone chilling the first weeks on the water. Water on the boats will freeze as we put them away. Other sports will go inside because it rains. We will not. But you will be anxious to get back out there.

I had forgotten how cold it can be on the river. And just how many layers it would take to stay warm. And that I should put on an extra one, or two, just for good measure. But I still could not hide my glee Tuesday afternoon when I went out with the boats the first time this season.

So here we are, back on the water after 12 weeks of winter training with only 65 practices until States (even fewer for the novices). As a team, we have laid down a solid foundation. The men’s team had impressive attendance at winter training this year, and the women’s team has a large number of novices who are starting with a leg up on the competition because of their winter preparation. But whether you never missed a practice or didn’t make it as often as you could have, winter training is past. We build this season from where you are right now.

You decide what happens in May, but not while reading this. You decide with every practice where you determine to take no strokes off. With every piece where you go harder than you think you can. With every stroke that you take better than the last. It is how you approach practice right now that determines how far your crew will go. Make it farther than any other team would think is possible.

Go TJ Crew!

-- Coach Kim Ehrman
Posted February 25, 2013