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Coaches Corner - February 2012

posted Feb 17, 2012, 6:24 PM by TJ Crew Webmaster

Welcome back - it is time for the 2012 Season.

I have been struggling to determine what to write about for this edition of the OARACLE. 

I have thought about writing about the effort that went into winter workouts, but each of you knows your level of commitment this winter and will be able to reap what you have sown as we get into the spring selection process.

Then I thought about telling a rowing story.  After 36 years of rowing (my first stroke was in the spring of 1976) I figure I could come up with a story or two.

Next, I thought about writing about goals, but that is different for each boat and each coach.  I view the race results as a reflection of proper preparation and successful execution.

What I decided to do is use some quotes as a way to issue a challenge to the rowers:
  • For those of you that are thinking you want to be the stroke:  Are you ready – when you are in the stroke seat can you say, "I like the stroke seat. I want to be there. I want to have the race come down to a short distance and be the person to make the difference. I can't stand to be behind and I don't want to lose." -- Christian Ahrens – the stroke of the gold medal United States eight at the 1997, 1998, and 1999 world championships.
  • For every rower, as Mike Teti once said, it is time to remember, “remember we're now in selection. Every piece, every erg, every seat race-they're all {count}, and {we} notice things."   We notice how you race, how you conduct yourself at the boathouse, how you support your teammates, and even how you react when a piece or a practice is not going well.
  • Finally we are going to ask you to, "Lay it on the line for the {rower} in front of you and the {rower} in back of you." -- Pete Cipollone (Olympic eight coxswain).  You are only as good as the sum of your parts and you have to learn to support and to lean on your teammates.
Ready to row!
Posted February 17, 2012