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Coaches Corner - December 2011

posted Dec 27, 2011, 6:23 AM by TJ Crew Webmaster   [ updated Dec 27, 2011, 6:26 AM ]
As I was leaving our last practice of 2011 yesterday I was asked if I was ready for the break. In all honesty I would be happy to keep practicing right through the break. I am very excited about our potential this spring and the attendance, effort and focus the rowers have showed so far at winter workouts have added to my excitement for the spring. The competition for the top eights will definitely be intense. 

As we go into break every rower should understand that the number one requirement is to get out and do something active, do anything active.

I have told the returning boys that ideally they will get at least 10 workouts over the vacation period (6 Steadystate, 2 to 3 AT, and one transport) 

Here are some ideas!

Steadystate: Intensity - Low to medium - a heart rate at 70 to 80% of maximum

On the erg: Long intervals. 3 x 4k, 2 x 5k, or 2 x 6k with 2-3 min rest between pieces or 4 x 10 minute "Huskies."
Other ideas: 30 -60 Minute Run or a 60-90 Minute Bike Ride


On the erg: 3 x 12' @ 28 with 6 min rest between pieces ; 16', 12', 8' @ 28 with 6 min rest between pieces; or 10 x 4 min on and 1 min off at 28.
Other ideas: 3 x 1.5 miles on a track (w/ 5 min rest between) or five rounds for time of: 30 Push-ups, 40 Sit-ups, & 50 Squats (arms straight out, heels stay on the ground, thighs parallel to ground)


On the erg: 5 x 5 minutes w/ 7 min rest (all out) or 8 x 500 with 4 min test (all out)
Other ideas: 8 x 400 meters on the track (all out)

Happy Holidays!
Regenerate and get your sleep!
See everyone in the New Year!
-- Coach Bill Randall
posted December 27, 2011