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posted Jan 29, 2014, 11:06 AM by TJ Crew Webmaster   [ updated Jan 29, 2014, 11:07 AM ]
TJ Crew Family Sign-Up Night on February 5, 2014, 7PM to 9PM
Weyanoke Elementary School Cafeteria (6520 Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312)


q  1.  Register for the team: Details: http://tjcrew.org/join/registration.  Deadline is February 6, 2014.  Late payments incur a $50 late charge.  Pay your registration fee of $565 online at http://www.roninregistration.com/rowing/info2.asp?p=default&pt=rowing&GroupId=148216


q  2.  Pay the Fundraising Fees: Details: https://tjcrew.org/join/dues.  Deadline is February 6, 2014.  The full $400 can be paid in full online, along with the registration fee (see the Ronin registration link above).  Total fees are $400 minus any family credit.


q  3.  Sign up for the bus to the river for practices ($450 deposit).  Details: http://tjcrew.org/join/bus-to-the-river.  The bus is mandatory for freshmen not driven to practice by parents.  Deadline for deposit is February 6.   Note: only electronic payments at the Ronin site will be accepted.  http://www.roninregistration.com/rowing/info2.asp?GroupID=154016&p=default&pt=rowing&InfoType=Register.


q  4.  Sign up to volunteer for at least one Occoquan regatta.  VASRA requires all teams to supply regatta volunteers at the Occoquan, so every family must volunteer at least once.  The Signup Genius link will become active as soon as TJ Crew receives the designated positions from VASRA; you will receive an e-mail with the link, from our Volunteer Coordinator.  So that you are familiar with the sign-up page, check out the TJ Crew website, and on the main page, in the far right column, locate the sign up genius link under “Regatta Volunteering”.for the Sign Up Here is the link to the main page: https://sites.google.com/a/tjcrew.org/tjcrewweb/main


q  5.  While you are waiting in line to get web access, meet our webmasters and view the TJ Crew website.  (Not mandatory) Do you have trouble locating information on the website?  It is our team’s most important communications vehicle.  Let our webmasters be your guide.


q  6.  Turn in ten (10) completed and signed forms: Details: http://tjcrew.org/join/registration.   Complete the online concussion training, and sign the online US Rowing liability waiver.  Ensure your VHSL physical form is on file with the TJ Athletics Office and your three emergency care forms are with the TJ Crew captains.  Signed forms and waivers must be turned in by the deadline, February 5.  If the forms aren’t filed, the school will not allow athletes to row.  Your athlete will not be dismissed from 8th period, B block to go to practice.  Completed boys’ forms can be mailed to our boys’ forms collector, Ha Ly Randolph, 404 Seneca Rd., Great Falls VA 22066.  Completed girls’ forms can be emailed to our girls’ forms collector, Jenny Zhang, at jzhang0999@gmail.com.


q  7.  Turn in an Ergathon donor list if you haven’t already.  We need your form of potential sponsors for the 2014 TJ Crew Ergathon on February 13, 2014.  Ergathon form link: http://tjcrew.org/money_points/ergathon Completed forms can be emailed to David Brower at mailto:david.brower@lpl.com.


q  8.  Order your uni (uniform):  Your athlete can be measured for and try on a sample uni.  Athletes must wear a uni to compete in regattas.  Order form link: http://tjcrew.org/clothing/uniforms


q  9.  Order your sports duffel, crew jacket and crew pants.  (Not mandatory) crew jacket and pants are nice to have in the variable spring weather.  Most team members carry the team sports duffel.  Order form link: http://tjcrew.org/clothing/clothing - TOC-Jackets-pants-and-duffel-bags


q  10.  Order crew clothing to wear during practice and to support TJ Crew.  This isn’t mandatory, but you will be happy to show your TJ Crew pride at regattas.  Here is the link: http://tjcrew.org/clothing/clothing - TOC-Spirit-wear