Potomac Boat Club Summer Sculling 2012

-- information provided by Coach Bill Randall
Posted April 26, 2012
Potomac Boat Club

                     2012 Summer Sculling Program

Potomac Boat Club has developed young athletes into National Team athletes, World and Pan American Game medalists, Olympians and National Champions. The summer sculling program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of boat moving through intensive technique, physical training, competitive practices and racing. Each athlete will receive individual attention to increase current strengths and address weaknesses. We have limited room for the summer and are interested in serious high school and collegiate athletes who want to learn and compete in a fun environment.


Program:  Athletes will be selected based on, 2k erg score, 6k erg score, age, rowing experience and accomplishments and coach recommendations. Erg score recommendations are below.  Practices will consist of rowing, erging, cross training, core strength and lifting.

Men:        Junior Erg Scores:  2k – 6:45, 6k – 21:30,

                 U23 Erg Scores:  2k – 6:20, 6k – 20:20,

                 Lightweight U23 Erg Scores:  2k - 6:35 and 6k - 21:10

Women:   Junior Erg Score: 2k - 7:40, 6k - 24:40

                 U23 Erg Scores: 2k - 7:20, 6k – 22:50

                 Lightweight U23 Erg Scores: 2k - 7:40 and 6k - 23:40 



Junior/U23 Men: Mon-Fri 7:45-9:30 a.m., Mon & Wed 6-8 p.m., Sat 9:30-11 a.m.,

Junior/U23 Women: Mon-Fri 7:45-9:30 a.m., Tue & Thu 6-8 p.m., Sat 9:30-11 a.m.



Independence Day Regatta, Philadelphia, PA:  June 29-July 1

USRowing Club National Championships, Camden, NJ:  July 11-16

Optional:  Canadian Henley, St. Catharine’s, ON: August 7-12

                 U23 World Championship Trials, Mercer Lake, NJ: June 25

                 Junior World Championship Trials, Mercer Lake, NJ: July 8-11



The Trials events are for athletes that show demonstrated abilities required for international competition.

Should a boat win trials, a fundraising effort will need to be put forth to be discussed prior to attending trials. 


Travel to Races:  Responsibility of the athletes and parents to make arrangements. 


Housing:  For non-local athletes, housing options are available.  We encourage each athlete to contact us immediately and contact any friends and family and friends of friends and family about housing.  If you are a local athlete who can offer housing to a non-local, the help is appreciated.


Potomac Boat Club:  PBC is our host for the summer and will provide facilities, as well as boats, oars, coaching launches and equipment.  We are guests of the boathouse and program participants are required to act as serious and respectful athletes at the boathouse and while representing PBC at races. 


Costs:  Program fee for the summer is $450 non-refundable and includes facilities, coaching, equipment, and race entry fees, boat transport fees.  Race travel, local expenses, housing and incidentals are the responsibility of the athlete.   An additional refundable deposit of $100 will be required for those attending Canadian Henley prior to registration.


Application:  We will be reviewing applications as they come in.  Application deadline will be May 14, 2012.



Reilly Dampeer

Potomac Boat Club Summer Program Director 

2011 Pan American W1x Coach; 2010 U23 M1x Coach; National Team Alumna

Jim O’Connor

Potomac Boat Club Open Sculling Coach; previously Head Coach, Georgetown Univ. Lightweight Women; 2007 Pan American National Team Coach

Heather Barney

Potomac Boat Club Open Sculling Coach; previously Assistant Coach, Georgetown Univ. Heavyweight Women

Nick Johnson

Head Sculling Coach, Alexandria Community Rowing

Paul Guthrie

Potomac Boat Club Open Sculling Coach; National Team Alumnus


Kick Off Meeting: 

Tuesday, June 5, 6:30p.m.


Potomac Boat Club

3530 Water Street

Washington, DC



Best of Luck with your seasons. 


For questions please contact:  Reilly Dampeer at redampeer@yahoo.com





1.     Personal Information









Emergency Telephone:




USRowing #:


Coach and Contact info:



2.     Prior Rowing experience - sweep and sculling



3.     Prior rowing accomplishments (major races won, other)



4.     Best Ever 2k and 6k(or equivalent) and approximate dates


5.     Best 2k and 6k in the last year



6.     Rowing goals - immediate and future



7.     What other sports have you competed in?  Include applicable times, position, accomplishments.



8.     Please write a brief note about why you want to join and how you will contribute to the program.  Include anything that you would like us to know that might not be mentioned above.